GIG: Jerry Sadowitz
DATE: Saturday 5th January 2013
VENUE: Leicester Square Theatre, London
OUR VERDICT: Controversially funny

Minty reckons The Beeb had had a few beers inside him when he booked tickets for Jerry Sadowitz - front row seats!!! Was he out of his mind?

We stood by the bar whilst the support act did his magic tricks and then took our seats for the Sadowitz show. Well, you couldn't fault the leg room, and there was no-body's head blocking the view of the stage. But that also meant that there was no barrier to defend us from anything Sadowitz might throw at us! We were lucky tonight - he avoided the front row and instead, picked on people in the area of rows 6 and 7 with the help of a big water pistol!

Sadowitz' humour is not everyone's taste - he doesn't care who he offends.  Yes, he is politically incorrect, he can be offensive, he can be downright rude, but he is a very funny man and the full house tonight roared with laughter throughout the entire show.

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