THE FAST CAMELS - Catch Up review

GIG: The Fast Camels
DATE: Friday 27th February 2015
VENUE: The Griffin, 266 Bath Street, Glasgow
COST: £5 in advance
OUR VERDICT: Cobblers!

Always worth the trip across the border, we are never disappointed when we see The Fast Camels. This dynamic, energetic, psychedelic band are just brilliant.

Tonight, it was the launch party for their new EP - "Cobbler Clarence" and was a sell out. There are no surprises with The Fast Camels. They are tight, know their music and play it with a great passion. The audience lap it up, they love this band. We love this band. There was an added thumbs up tonight - it was the drummer's first gig since recovering from a spine injury last year and it was great to see him behind the drumkit again.

Playing the songs from the EP, we were taken on a musical journey, a change of pace and tempo mid way before rousing us from the safe place we'd gone to and getting us back on the rollercoaster for that final thrill. Add to that some treats from their back catalogue and you have a brilliant gig. It is testament to the song writing partnerships in the band that what you hear on record is what you hear at a live show. There is nothing false about their music. It is live, it is GOOD!

Check them out

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