KATE BUSH - Catch up review

GIG: Kate Bush
DATE: Saturday 13th September 2014
VENUE: Hammersmith Odeon
COST: expensive
OUR VERDICT: Wow, unbelievable

Well it was a 30 plus year wait. Was "Before The Dawn" going to be worth it? Of course it was. From the minute Kate appeared you knew this was going to be more than just a gig. Starting with "Lily" and "Hounds of Love," the first part of this audio/visual treat finished with "Running Up That Hill" and "King Of The Mountain." Already the eyes were leaking. And what and excellent band too.

The next part was a film specially made for the show "The Ninth Wave." Basically the second half of the "Hounds Of Love" album. Looking lost and helpless, floating about in water, this gets more amazing when a helicopter becomes part of the action. You can see why this was never going to be a tour. The actual Hammy Odeon building is PART of the show.

It all looks and sounds stunning, calming down with a beautiful acoustic "The Morning Fog." After a short break, this takes us to "An Endless Sky Of Honey" from her Ariel album. this takes up most of the second half of the show. Again, it is beautifully realised on stage, with a toy "boy" wandering all over the stage, and amongst the musicians. There's also bits of magic thrown in along the way.

All the stage sets took second place to Kate sitting solo at the piano for "Among Angels," before finishing the night with "Cloudbusting."

This has to be the most amazing night spent in a theatre. It really was an event, much more than a gig. Oh yes, the wait was well worth it.

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