GIG: International Pop Overthrow
DATE: Saturday 16th May 2015
VENUE: The Cavern Club (we didn't actually see anyone in the Pub today!)
COST: Club Entrance charge - £2.50 entrance between 1-8pm, £4 all day or after 8pm
OUR VERDICT: Scottish Invasion

This blog is intended to be a way for us to capture our personal memories from all the gigs we go to see. The International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool hosts around 140 artists, across 3 stages, ranging from solo acts with an acoustic guitar to full on rock bands covering different music styles from folk, pop, rock and everything in between!!!! Some we like, some we love, some are pure nuggets and some are just not our cup of tea. This is just our personal opinion of the acts we see through the IPO festival, highlights and lowlights included. If there’s a band we are not fond of, do still check them out as tastes differ and you could have a different opinion from us.

Bands seen today = 10
The Dreamboats, The Supernaturals, The Junipers (twice), B-Side, Las Annettes, The Springtime Anchorage (part), The Wellgreen, The Fast Camels, Electroshock Therapy, Button Up

Number of bands seen in the IPO so far = 50

Las Annettes 7” Vinyl, Supernaturals

Day number 5……and we were up early so that we did not miss the second appearance from the band everyone was still talking about – The Dreamboats. Saturday lunchtime in the Cavern Club usually has a transient crowd. The tourists wander in, take a few snaps and then move on. That didn’t happen today. With The Dreamboats totally in charge of the front Stage, everyone who walked in stopped and stayed. We have never seen the Cavern so full (and hot) on a Saturday lunchtime. The foursome from Canada were on top form again. They sounded great, their stage moves were timed to perfection and they totally ripped up the rule book and gave us raw, rock and roll with a 21st Century feel to it. The energy they have is fantastic and the audience absorbed every piece of it. This a band that will be remembered for a long time to come, for all the right reasons.
The Dreamboats
The Supernaturals
The Supernaturals were a hidden gem in this year’s schedule. A seasoned band who have had a few hits in the 90’s (mainly remembered for their hit single “Smile”), they stood out from many of the younger less experienced bands. The amps were balanced to the extent that guitars did not drown out the vocals and they sounded great. The drummer had a great rhythm going on with the bass and floor tom drum (Minty’s favourite drum) and every song had a great beat. Very witty and clever songs too. They ended on their hit “Smile” which sounded superb.

The Junipers
The Junipers have appeared at a few IPOs and they are always a favourite of ours. 

Today we saw this brilliant band twice and both times they took us on a musical journey which filled our ears with lush harmonies and gentle tunes which also warmed the Cavern Club. The songs were bright and breezy, although at times we felt they were too short and we were left wanting more!

It's definitely worth checking out their albums - your ears will thank you.
The Junipers at home in the Cavern Club

Next up, and keeping that harmony sound in the Live Lounge (Back Stage) were B-Side. They kicked off with an “Our Prayer” type of a cappella message to David Bash, called “Slow Down”. It had all of the harmonies you would expect from a Beach Boys influenced band. The rest of the set kept that high standard, harmony style and included one of Sean McCreavy’s solo songs from his “Telescope” album. They had a weird way of introducing the audience to their next single, saying the record doesn’t sound the same way they were going to play it!!! But it sounded fine. Ending with their sunshine-y songThe Sun Brings Out the Beautiful Girls”  this really got the crowd going, a song that was so like a Wilson penned tune, that he was given a writing credit!!
From Spain, a band Minty was not going to miss, given her love of all things Girl Groups – Las Annettes. With Paul Bevoir and Mickey Dias (from The Jet Set and the Family Way) in the band supporting this delightful trio, we knew this was going to be a fab set. Our expectations were more than exceeded. 
Las Annettes bring their girl group sound to the Cavern Club
The main vocalist in the group has a great voice, and with the other two girls adding delicious backing vocals, throw in choreographed dance moves, the constant smiles and the general 60’s girl group sound, we were spoiled. Most of the songs were sung in Spanish, so we didn’t know what they were actually singing about, but that didn’t matter. They sounded good, the vocals blended so well and the beat to the songs was really authentic 60’s girls pop. They did sing a couple of Paul's songs in English and the real stand out one was “Kiss Me”, ending with a cheeky kiss blown to the audience at the end. We loved this band.
Las Annettes an the band after their gig

The Springtime Anchorage
We saw part of the set from The Springtime Anchorage. This four piece from Liverpool have a folk/country rock sound, and gave a solid, tight performance. The Front Stage was heaving, and it was hard to get close, but they sounded good at the back!

One of our very favourite Scottish bands, The Wellgreen were up next. They started their set with a jaw dropping a cappella short song (like Our Prayer) and went straight into their set, with an up-tempo number. This is psych-pop at its finest. The Live Lounge (Back Stage) was filled to bursting and the audience lapped up every song in their set. 

Stand out numbers were the title song from their latest album “Grin And Bear It” which has some fabulous “whoo whoo whoo whoo’s” and with a dedication to his father, Dan McGeever delivered lead on a really emotional “She’s the Greatest” which left us an emotional mess, in tears, and the rest of the crowd in awe of such a great vocal experience from all of the band. The harmony was to die for. What a fabulous performance from this vibrant foursome from Glasgow (and Edinburgh).
The Wellgreen, just wowed everyone
Our other very favourite Scottish band, Glasgow’s finest, The Fast Camels controlled the Live Lounge. This is a band we have thought nothing of driving the 400 miles north to see play a gig in their home town and we are big fans of their psychedelic songs. 
The Fast Camels

Drew and Mark - the Fast Camels
This year they have a 5th member, CJ on tambourine and backing vocals which really added to the overall vocal experience. Each song follows its own musical adventure, taking you high and low, fast and faster with some brilliant vocals, fantastic guitar riffs (the one of Penny Pinching Debt Collector really stands out) and the drum beat is terrific, strong and crazy!. This line up has been in place for a few years now and they have really found their sound together. They were great when we first saw them, but they just get better and better every time we see them.
Electroshock Therapy
Next up, Electroshock Therapy, who won the award for the hairiest band of the IPO! With an epiphone and a rickenbacker guitar in the line-up this was a band of psychedelic jingle jangle but with only one vocal the overall sound lacked a little. Still, this was a good set and enjoyable to hear.

Button Up
Our last band of the night was the last band on and we had stayed to watch Button Up as they hailed from The Beeb’s home town of Coatbridge. We would describe this band as having a bit of funk, with a rockier version of Celine Dion singing. Overall they were quite good, but certainly not as stage sharp as a year long tour should have made them.
Anyone to the right of the stage would not have seen the lead vocalist, who was hidden behind a large music stand (acting as a comfort blanket) that was not actually needed as she glanced at it only a couple of times. 
Minty with 3 of the Dreamboats

The Beeb with 3 of the Dreamboats

And so, after another 14 hour music fest we trundled back to our hotel……… see you back tomorrow for the last few bands.

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