GIG: Los Fantasticos Album Launch
DATE: Saturday 22nd September 2012
VENUE: The Prince Albert, Trafalgar Street, Brighton
COST: £5
OUR VERDICT: Hand Nine and hold on for a surf treat


Los Fantasticos are another band we have seen a number of times and this album launch prompted us to drive down to the South coast to catch them once again, and also give the chance to pick up a copy of their new album “The Devil Went Down To George Street” which was hot off the press.

The Squadron Leaders were on first, usually dressed in full RAF uniform (complete with Biggles type scarfs), they were a little more discreet tonight, dressed in black but with stick on moustaches which fell off part way through!

The local band are a trio – drums, guitar, saxophone and the bass player is an IPhone with the tracks pre-programmed, which was a bit of a strange set up and there were a couple of false starts. Having said that, they were not bad at all. Their sound was bit surf, mixed with a bit of “Batman” style but with an underlying Twin Peaks mood on occasion with resonating guitar and sultry saxophone.

After a short interlude, Los Fantasticos took to the stage. This band of four have a really strong drummer, Abe, who delivers a fantastic drive to their tunes. Jon creates a great reverb with his custom made Fender (which also looks fab), Tim the other guitarist along with some smart string work also throws in some superb trumpet bits and Paul delivers a solid bass line. Together they generated some really brilliant surf melodies, a bit of wild west sounds, mixed with a touch of jungle rhythm from time to time and dabble a bit with an exotica sound. Their music could be a backdrop to any surf film or guns at high noon!

Their set tonight included a number of tunes from their new album, and highlights for us from the new music were “First Tango In Paris” and “Meanwhile Back In The Jungle” which had such a great rhythm. The title track from the new album “The Devil Went Down To George Street” had moody undertones with great guitar picking and you could imagine a devil stalking around town looking for a soul to buy.

“The Wedge” is a cool surf classic from Dick Dale that the band made their own. The audience at the front of the stage were bopping away throughout the set, while the rest of us stood with feet constantly tapping.

They finished up with a cover of The Rolling Stones “Paint It Black” which went down extremely well and polished off what was a fantastic night. Well worth the drive down to the coast.

Los Fantasticos

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