GIG: Lee Hurst
DATE: Wednesday 19th September 2012
VENUE: The Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead
COST: £15
OUR VERDICT:  Side Splitting

The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead is an intimate venue and a capacity audience is just over 100 people – a perfect setting to join Lee Hurst for the opening night of his “Too Scared to Leave The House” tour.

We won’t spoil the tour by revealing any of the jokes, which unfortunately does restrict what we can review here, but suffice to say he is a very, very funny man, who can ad lib without batting an eye as he regales us all with funny observations about the Olympics, London’s transport system, his dog and loads more. We were giggling all the way through and when we weren't giggling we were full on guffawing, and even Lee was bent over laughing at times! In fact, things were so spontaneous he would run to his table and write things down so he could remember them for future gigs! 

The second half was mainly off-the-cuff comic moments, completely improvised, with audience participation directing which comedy routes we travel down. Lee's interaction with the audience is fantastic, remembering names of the people he chats with and giving us many spontaneous funny comments.

His tour is covering the whole country through to March 2013, and if he is in a town near you, we can recommend this as a great evening’s entertainment.


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