GIG: Larry & The Streamers
DATE: Saturday 8th September 2012
VENUE: Dunstable United Services Club, 160 High Street South, Dunstable
COST: £2 
OUR VERDICT: Good fun, great band


Dunstable United Services Club is really a members’ only place, but we were allowed entry and welcomed to the club for their Saturday live music-night by paying a token membership fee. The place was pretty full when we arrived, but we managed to squeeze in at the bands’ table and had a quick natter before they took to the stage.

We were eased in gently, with some light 60’s pop, including a great rendition of “Waterloo Sunset” and by the third song, people started to take to the dance floor. The pace was speeded up as Larry & The Streamers got into their swing with a vast catalogue of 60’s tunes which covered Mersey Beat, through to the Rolling Stones, a bit of Dave Dee, Beaky, Mick & Titch. “Hold Tight” really did stand out, with great guitar and drums and vocals too. The bulk of the vocals are delivered by the bass guitarist, Mark Sach, with harmony added when the songs demand it, from Alan on guitar and Larry behind his big, dazzling drum kit.

The audience filled the dance floor and really enjoyed the music. You could imagine turning the clock back fifty years and these same people would have been the young teenagers jiving at the coffee bars of London to the same tunes.

Things were hotting up, so it was suit jackets off, and a change of pace as Alan switched to a twelve string and our ears were tickled with a bit of Bob Dylan’s “Mr Tambourine Man” and then a set of Hollies’ classics rounded off with the Kinks’ “Days”. When you have an enthusiastic audience bopping away, you don’t need words and a short set of instrumentals proved that point, which included a fab rendition of “Hit & Miss”.

The first set concluded with “Shakin’ All Over” and a bit of the James Bond theme to wind down with. An hour of Bingo followed (they take the bingo break seriously here) allowing the band to take a break.

The second half of their show kicked off with some good old rock and roll and a frenetic pace for “Shake Rattle & Roll”, “Rock Around The Clock” and “Roll Over Beethoven” among the first set of songs. A cover of The Troggs’ “A Girl Like You” was a highlight and throughout the set there were seamless segue’s as the beat kept running. “Something Else” was another highlight with vocals spot on, and some great drumming.

Pausing for breath, Larry & The Streamers slowed the pace down for the smoochy numbers. These included “Cryin’ Game” with a wah-wah pedal adding to the guitar effects, and “This Guy’s In Love With You” with really clear whistling from Larry in true Bacharach style. The night was sadly coming to an end, so it was one last round of rock and roll which kept everyone on their feet. “Satisfaction” was a great crowd pleaser, and the huge drum beat on “Mony Mony” was fantastic. The audience sang along to “Daydream Believer” and show was rounded off with “Hey Ho Silver Lining”.

But Larry & The Streamers were not allowed to escape after that, and gave us a two song encore. This included, ”Love Potion No 9” which was reworked with a great ska beat, and it worked really, really well.

This is the third time we have seen Larry & The Streamers, and they have never disappointed us. They are a tight, slick band, with an enormous catalogue of songs to pick from, and their set always goes down a storm with the audience. There is just about the right amount of banter in between clusters of songs which are segued perfectly. Go and see them!

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