The Slaughtered Lamb
Clerkenwell, London
Friday 9th December 2016

Paul Bevoir does not do many gigs now, so the prospect of seeing his band The Family Way, live was something not to be missed. Another reason not to miss this gig was that The Beeb had been asked to augment the sound with some backing vocals.

The Slaughtered Lamb is quite a nice venue. Heaving with the Friday London workers crowd upstairs, the pub has a gig room downstairs. The turn out for this gig was brilliant, with the room being crammed full!

Paul Bevoir
The Family Way, who have emerged from 80's band, The Jetset, deliver some toe tapping, catchy little pop numbers with some superb harmony and melody.

The set up was keyboards, Rickenbacker guitar, solid drums and bass, acoustic guitar and a guest appearances from a tambourine and banjo, with four members of band contributing to the vocals plus The Beeb providing extra backing and a bit of percussion. All of these ingredients mixed together sounded fantastic.

The Beeb adds some backing vocals 

One touching moment of the gig was the performance of "When Matilda Flies", a song written by Paul for his daughter who had never seen her Dad perform live before. It was great to hear a new song from Paul too, "How Many Days In Forever." The Beeb took on guitar duties for this uplifting ditty, whilst Paul proved that not all banjos deserve the criticism they get.

We left with a warm glow running through us, on what was a cold December winter's night.

The Beeb adds some percussion

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