Prince Albert
Trafalger Street, Brighton
Saturday 3rd December 2016

The Endless Summer gatherings are really great and the annual Christmas Party is something special for us as we get to see that superb UK Surf Punk band The Surfin' Lungs play.

The Squadron Leaders
First up were The Squadron Leaders, a local instrumental group we have seen playing a few times before. It was good to see these play again, and with a permanent bass player too. They dressed up for Christmas with tinsel "flight command" moustaches!

The middle band was another local troupe - The Space Agency. Another instrumental band, but with a more distinct surf sound. The drummer doubled up on percussion at times, by using a maraca as a drum stick! We were getting warmed up now.

The Space Agency

Surfin' Lungs
The headline act was the Surfin' Lungs, who really rocked the place up.

Their fast paced set included songs from their recent album, "Surf factor 8", loads of old favourites form their vast back catalogue and a few Christmas tunes too, including "Run Rudolph Run" and a great punky version of "Frosty The Snowman".

The crowd were dancing all the way through.

Lead singer Chris was suffering from flu but hats off, he persevered and stayed the course for the whole set despite ending up with no voice afterwards. We love this band.


A rare photo of Ray Banz who is usually hidden!

Chris Pearce

Surfin' Lungs

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