Under The Bridge
Stamford Bridge, Fulham Rd, London
Thursday 5th May 2016

From Los Angeles, a welcome return to the UK for The Long Ryders. The venue, purpose built for gigs, was a complete sell-out, although you were never totally squished, which was great.

The support act, Neil Bob Herd, who grew up in the Western Isles, kicked off the evening’s entertainment with a short set of country rock numbers which stood out with their witty humour. Speaking with him afterwards, he was really interesting – his roots were in rockabilly and he also plays in Sid Griffins’ other band!.

The venue had subtly filled around us, and as The Long Ryders took to the stage there was a bit of a hoot and a hollering from the crowd, which was mainly middle aged men in music themed t shirts!. 

This is a bit of a super group as they all play with other bands and each brings their owns songs to this band. The result is a mix of some really great songs and sharing of the lead vocal. The first three songs… three different vocalists….. the tone was set for the next hour.

Sid Griffin and his "he's behind you" selfie

Tom Stevens
Minty didn’t really know their back catalogue but found that each song, with a solid beat and a country rock jangle, had her feet tapping and head bopping. The Beeb, just sang along to most of the songs, as did many of the audience! They are a terrific band to catch live. The sound was tight and balanced – no need to turn things up to 11! The band certainly entertained, even going as far as sharing some selfies from the tour on the stage backdrop, in between the LED displays.
Greg Sowders

By 10.20 the last notes had faded away, and the band left the stage after their encore. But fear not, a few minutes later, they emerged from their dressing room and spent the next hour (and more) chatting with fans who had stayed around, signing loads of merchandise and having their photos taken. Having a mutual friend, The Beeb introduced himself to bassist Tom Stevens who we later found out, described The Beeb’s accent as “charming”!

Stephen McCarthy

(click here for The Long Ryders website)

Before we go, a quick review of the venue itself. Purpose built as a gig venue, this is a great place. The design is very circular (even the ladies loos are in a circle with the vanity mirrors in the centre) and if you get there early enough, there are circular booths with seats and tables around the back walls or bar stools around the semi-circle overlooking and framing the “mosh pit”. 
The gig sound is pumped into the toilets, so if you are caught short, you won’t miss any of the songs! Our only complaint was that with only 2 bars and only one of those serving beer (the other is spirits only) the queue for a drink was ridiculously long! 

Getting to the venue is not an easy thing either – one tube line runs past, so multiple changes are needed if you are coming from the centre of London.

The Beeb met Mike at the gig

Photo Op with Greg

With Tom

with Stephen

with Sid

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