Harpenden, Herts
Thursday 12th May 2016

We bumped into Ian McNabb at the back of the venue and had a chance to say a quick hello before we got into the hall. We also found out there was no support act, and the band were on stage in 20 minutes, so we had to get a shifty on!

Taking our front row seats, we had about 8-10 feet of space between us and the start of what was quite a high stage. There was no danger of neck ache though as within a minute of the gig starting, one couple had got out of their seats and made their way to stand at the foot of the stage, quickly followed by a throng of others which quickly filled that spare space between the seats and the stage. A standing gig it was then!

This was essentially a greatest hits gig from the Icicle Works, leading off with “When It All Comes Down” and included “Evangeline”, “Starry Blue Eyed Wonder”, “Love Is A Wonderful Colour” and “Whisper To A Scream” among many, many others. Minty’s favourite has always been “Little Girl Lost” and this sounded terrific tonight. 

The crowd were really up for this gig, settling any fears Ian McNabb might have had of the South being too posh! The crowd sang all the way through and also added to the general banter between them and Ian. We think Ian must have been really pleased that half of the audience were actually in the mosh pit at the front of the stage for the whole gig, singing and dancing along and he was genuinely pleased that so many had come to the gig on a “school night”!

The sound was immense – the bass line was a bit on the extra heavy side and you could feel your innards jumping up and down at times! The vocal from Ian McNabb was spot on, and there was plenty of opportunity for him to regale us all with his guitar skills, with a few guitar solos.

With a great sense of humour, the second set started with the band doing what must be the first live performance of new single from The Stone Roses, which had been released just a short hour or so earlier! Very tongue in cheek and had the audience laughing.

After the gig, Ian was found hanging around the merchandise table, happily chatting to the fans and signing memorabilia. A good night all round.

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