The Rising Sun Arts Centre,
Silver Street, Reading

Saturday 19th August 2017

We have seen many Surfin' Lungs gigs over the years and never get tired of seeing them. Tonight it was a special gig to celebrate the launch of their latest album, Surf Factor 8 on red Vinyl.

Two support acts, Horse Rock an amusing, masked surf instrumental band and Psych punk band Go Go Cult warmed everyone up (literally as the room was very hot!) before the Surfin' Lungs powered through a brilliant set of old and new songs.

 Their musical career spans 30 years so there is a wealth of material to pick for a set list and tonight it was really balanced between songs from their very first vinyl release "Cowabunga" ("389", "Who Stole the Summer", "Quasimodo a Go Go" and "Down At The B-Club"), and then one or two from each subsequent release, right up to songs from that new vinyl Surf factor 8 and a few covers thrown in too. 

The encore was "Pray For Sun", again from their first release and a cover, "Peppermint Twist".

Highlights were "Where Young Men Go To Cry" which has a great "Be My Baby" Hal Blaine drum beat, the mafia influenced instrumental "The Godfather" which is definitely one of Minty's favourites and from their new album, "Don't Take My Baby". 

"The Beach Will Never Die" and "Pray For Sun" went down very well.

A good thing about the Lungs is that they have always kept true to their sound  which means that one album is just as good as another and their set lists flow really well.  They are high octane, fast paced but filled with great melodies and harmony. Think The Ramones meet The Beach Boys and you've got their sound.

Loved every second of this gig.

Surfin' Lungs (L-R Clive, Chris, Steve and Ray) promote the red Vinyl of "Surf factor 8"

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