The Borderline
Mannette Street, London

Thursday 15th June 2017

It was a basic set up - a drum kit, stand up double bass and Darrel Higham with his rockabilly quiff and guitar to give us just over an hour of some great rockabilly tunes. No need for fancy stage sets or guitar pedals. This is pure raw rockabilly music.

The influence of Hank Williams and Eddie Cochran is very transparent in Darrell's solo material. His set tonight had a few covers included but it centred mainly on his latest two album releases, "Hell's Hotel" and "One For The Road" which was great as we had not heard anything from the "One For The Road" album before.

The songs are short, punchy, with that simple drum beat, bass slapping and guitar twang that is synonomous with the rockabilly beat, but each individual enough to avoid sounding like the same song over and over again.

We really enjoyed this gig. Not only for the music but for the intimate setting too as The Borderline is a small venue.

After the gig, Darrel was extremely generous with his time to say hello to people, have photos taken and sell his CD's which seemed to be flying off the merch table. Would not hesitate to see him play again.

Darrel's back up guitar - the White Falcon teasing us.

Video of "And The Angels Cried"

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