St Lukes

Saturday 27th May 2017

The BMX Bandits do not play live very often, and with a new album just released, this launch party gig was one not to be missed. By the time the BMX Bandits took to the stage, the place was packed and we found a bit of space at the back by the sound desk, which is always a good place to be!

Members of The BMX Bandits come and go, each contributing to their piece of the band's history and back catalogue which is vast, spanning just over 30 years. This is a line up we have seen a few times now, so it's pretty stable.

Davey Scott
The one constant is Duglas T Stewart, his gentle soul and his apple (although tonight, he also had a banana). His sidekick, Chloe fills the female vocal parts very well, as well as playing a bit of guitar, keyboard and some percussion.

Great backing vocals are provided by the rest of the band and tonight we got the added bonus of Pearlfisher, Davey Scott who joined Duglas on stage for a few songs which was great to see and hear.


With 30 years in the bag, the set list for a gig must be hard to decide on.

Tonight we got a good selection of songs from the new album "Forever" and some great songs from yesteryear including staples such as "Serious Drugs" and "Your Class" which has been in the set for the last few gigs and has become a very firm favourite with us.

Oh, and the new album is wonderful. Full of classic Bandits songs already.

After the Gig - The Beeb with Chloe, Duglas and Stu Kidd

The Beeb and Duglas


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