Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith
Friday 14th October

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Before tonight we had only heard the name Goo Goo Dolls and we were not familiar with their music, so we had no idea what to expect from this sold out show at the Hammersmith Apollo. Outside we met up with Masayo who had our tickets. Masayo and her husband are as passionate about live music as we are.
Masayo and The Beeb outside the Apollo

Up in the gods, we had a really good view of the stage. The support act was Johnny Lloyd who has been the support for all of the UK dates. With a band of three backing him, we got a pretty decent half hour of what we would describe as indie rock.

The stage for the Goo Goo Dolls was minimalist....... a pedal board for the guitarist at the back, keyboard, drum kit....... no leads, no amps. Everything wireless. Hammersmith absolutely rocked.

The sound tonight was superb...... vocals were terrific, the guitars very clear (still couldn't work out where the amps were though) and with no wires trailing across the stage, the guys had room to move about freely.

So, what did they sound like?

We did not know the songs but they all sounded like big anthems and the crowd seemed to know every word.

A bit Bon Jovi, and 100% US stadium rock band sound! They were actually brilliant and we are sure these guys could do an arena tour without any worries of filling the venue!

Their best known anthem is a song called "Iris" which, from the title we would have said, "no, don't know that one" but once they started to play it at the end of the set, it was instantly recognisable and the air was punched by many fists!!!. Minty had thought it was a Nickelback song!!

John Rzeznik, the lead singer was very engaging and had a joke with the audience and in particular a guy from Belgium whose English was not the best, so the message the guy had on a card which he held up for the band to see was the source of a few naughty jibes!!! John also played a multitude of guitars from electric to acoustic. We don't think he used the same guitar for two consecutive songs so his guitar roadie was kept busy.

On occasion the other guitarist came to  the front to do a few bits of excellent lead. The main vocals were from John, but the bass player, Robby Takac took control of the mic a couple of times.

Would we go see this band again? Too right we would.... and we now know some of the songs! We've since listened to their new album a few times, and recognised a few of the ones thEy played live straight away.

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