Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
Saturday 27th August 2016

There are four or five bands we will travel a fair distance to see. The Fast Camels are one of those, and tonight’s gig was a 900 mile round trip, but also gave The Beeb a chance to go back to his beloved Glasgow!

The launch of their third album ”Tales of The Expected” is a big deal and we were delighted to be part of the celebrations at the ABC in Glasgow.

They played a blinding set which treated our ears to the tracks from the new album, alongside some of the old favourites – "Der Nazi Tea" being a staple favourite in their set. 

The grunge of the guitars as the psychedelic chord progression which is their signature sound, superb vocals alongside a drum beat that would kill anyone other than the great Big Daddy Smythe and a mad percussionist who is in his element on stage! These are all ingredients of what was a terrific gig.

Their new album has been billed by the band themselves as a departure from their normal long psychedelic songs, in a bid to be more commercial. To be honest, although the new songs are a little shorter than their usual fayre, they have stayed true to their sound. 

This band are tight – they have been friends for ages and we are pleased to have seen them play many times including a fair number of shows in their home town of Glasgow, every show being as good as, if not better than the last. 

There was a good sized crowd that came out to support them tonight as well, with many finding their way across the street to Mango for the after show party! 

Check out their website here to keep up with all the news about The Fast Camels and buy their CDs and Vinyl too. You know you want to.

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