Mathew Street, Liverpool
Sunday 31st July 2016

Having a legend like James Burton playing in the Cavern Club, was one that The Beeb wasn't going to miss. Having Glen D. Hardin in the band gave the added bonus of two of Elvis's TCB Band playing together.

Being an afternoon gig, we spent the night before in Shrewsbury just to split the journey, and allow us to drive home after it.

The Beeb with James Burton
We've been to some hot, sweaty nights in the Cavern Club before, but this would be the one to take the biscuit. After having lunch, and some quality time with the very lovely Anne-Marie Trace, we headed to the Cavern Club. It was unusual wandering up Mathew St without bumping into anyone we knew for a change.

The place was pretty much full by the time we got there, but we did manage to grab a spot near the front of the stage. We had a few warm up acts before the main man, including IPO perennial, Susan Hedges, and Mark Pountney, who we had seen doing his own songs at the IPO, ... ....., but this afternoon he was doing a Roy Orbison tribute, and what a job he made of it. His voice was fantastic, and he carried it of very well indeed.

By the time James came on we had been standing in the Cavern for nearly four hours. Jam packed, no seats and no air conditioning, we were soaked to the skin with sweat when he did come on.

Glen D Hardin on the Keys
What we got was James and Glen doing a set of Elvis songs, with an Elvis tribute singer who must have been nearly 30 years older than Elvis was when he shuffled off this mortal coil. Not as bad as you may think though. At least he didn't wear a Vegas jump suit and to be fair, he actually did a very good job.

The audience were in good voice too, joining in enthusiastically with things like "The Wonder of You" and "Suspicious Minds."

There wasn't much in the way of banter from the guys, but Glen in particular did genuinely seem to be loving it all. They did of course play brilliantly, and the audience really let them know how much they enjoyed it.
James Burton in full flow
Instead of just Elvis songs, The Beeb would have loved to have heard some of James' other work, like "Suzie Q" or some of his songs with Rick Nelson, or even Gram Parsons. But you can't have everything.

James was very generous with his time after the gig, and came across as a real Southern gentleman when we got to meet him afterwards.

Well worth taking the time out to go to Liverpool at any time, but this gig made it very worthwhile for sure.

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