Wembley Stadium
Saturday 9th June 2016

The crowd were getting a tad impatient as 6 o’clock came and went and there was no sign of Bruce, however we did not have to wait too much longer before he appeared on the stage. From our seats, the big screens came in handy as we were a bit far away and the band were the size of Borrowers!

The Boss, and The River album. We thought he would play The River end to end, but instead he dipped in and out of it, all sandwiched between a fantastic 3 hour set.

Having seen his stadium gig before, we knew what to expect – he doesn't have much time for chit chat, and hardly stops for breath in between songs. He takes an occasional wander into the mosh pit area (the security detail’s nightmare!), picking out placards that request songs to the delight of the mosh crowd, and also selects someone to sing-a-long to “Waiting On A Sunny Day”. Today’s lucky participant was a wee lassie who did a great job. At one stage he also nicked a pint from someone's outstretched hand and downed it!

The rest of time was spent belting out his hits, album tracks and generally just enjoying the show as much as we did in the audience. The E-Street band are an amazing set of musicians who have worked with The Boss for so long, everything is intuitive, and they can do any song at a click of a finger. Nils Lofgren in particular stands out when it comes to solos and dancing around on stage.

Bruce is built for stadiums, and the crowd lap it all up and send waves of love back at him. Boy did he rock the place. The only artist on the planet we would ever consider going to a stadium to see.
View from our seats as the stadium began to fill up

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