GIG: Steven Seagal and His Blues Band
DATE: Sunday 20th July 2014
VENUE: O2 Academy, Liverpool
COST: £28.50 plus extortionate booking fees
OUR VERDICT: It was kinda Bluesey

Minty has idolised Steven Seagal since she first saw his debut film "Nico" so the excitment at actually having the chance to see him in the flesh, after 25 years was obvious. 

Having tracked his UK tour thus far and learned he sometimes arrived at the venue early, we hung around outside the O2 in the afternoon, hoping he would swing by for the soundcheck. He didn't.

The gig was not a sell out, but the venue was respectably filled. In the mosh pit, just a few rows from the front and with a half decent view of the stage, we saw the two support bands (not bad) and then after a bit of anticipation the venue darkened and there he was.  Steven Seagal in the flesh, dressed in his trademark black.

He didn't engage with the audience much, just went straight into his set but the predominently male audience didn't care. Their action hero with an axe was all that was needed.

Steven did a pretty good gig. He is not energetic (he really only exercises his thumb to strum with!) but the music is soulful and bluesey, and his set was basically songs from his two blues albums. 

The sound at the front was a bit muffled and after a wee while in the sweaty mosh pit and getting bumped and beered on, we moved towards the back of the venue - here the sound was actually much clearer and away from the throng of the crowd, it was also much cooler!

Glad to have ticked that one off the list!

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