GIG: International Pop Overthrow – Day 3
DATE:: Thursday 17th May 2012
VENUE: Erics & The Cavern Pub
COST: All free
OUR VERDICT: Short but good

The International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool hosts over 150 artists, across 5 stages, ranging from solo acts with an acoustic guitar to full on rock bands covering different music styles form folk, pop, rock and everything in between!!!!
During our time at the festival, we can’t see every artist / band, but we do aim to see as many as we can. Some of the bands / artists just aren’t our cup of tea, some are good and some are just pure nuggets and our blog is a personal account of what we thought of each day, highlights and lowlights included.

Day Three and it was a light day for us as we were heading out to Bootle to catch The Beat Rats. However we had some time to catch the bands scheduled early doors……..

Today, the festival was using Erics for the first time. And what a place this is... the stage is the original stage from way back when. The Sons had the honour of being the first IPO band to play this stage.

The Sons
The Sons ( are a five piece from Derby and they impressed us enough with the 3 songs we heard to buy their CD. They had some fantastic harmonies which washed over us and made us kick ourselves for being a bit late and not catching their set from the start. Immediately our feet were tapping to their catchy songs. Two of the band are The Herron Brothers, another great band (we saw them last year) who were on the bill today, and we were going to miss due to our trip out to Bootle.

Staying in Erics, Two Weeks Running were up next. They impressed us from the start as unlike other young bands, they knew their set, could end one song and go straight into another, and did not have to confer at the start of each song to determine which song was next and who was going to start it!!!!! This was a tight and professional young band.

Two Weeks Running

The drummer was very good and the backing vocals added from time to time, by the drummer and the bass player did compliment very nicely. Overall they had a good melody with some nice inter-changing guitar playing. Worthwhile watching and suited the stage at Erics.

Popping a couple of doors up the street, The Cavern Pub was hosting Rob Vincent.

Rob Vincent

The pub was packed and you were hard pushed to even find standing room! This was an interesting set up with a double bass and cello included in the line up. Theirs was a lovely melodic pop, with some beautiful harmonies from the keyboard player. Lovely stuff.

Our last band for this night was Richard Snow & The In Laws ( This is another band who has played at all the IPOs we've been to, and they are a firm favourite with us. Unfortunately the stage was running a bit behind schedule so we caught only on the first three songs before we had to leave, but we were pleased to hear “Stop Your Crying” which is a great toe tapping, pop song. The band did sound on great form and we were very reluctant to leave.

But off to Bootle we went.........

Richard Snow & The In Laws

The Stats
Total number of bands seen today = 4
Number of bands seen more than once today = 0

total number of bands seen = 25
Number of bands seen more than once during the IPO = 4

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