GIG: Girl Talk – I Am Woman (Mari Wilson, Barb Jungr, Gwyneth Herbert)
DATE: Sunday 3rd July 2011
VENUE: The Alban Arena, St Albans, Herts, AL1 3LD
COST: £17.50 plus a transaction fee for the whole order
OUR VERDICT: Girls do more than talk


'Girl Talk – I Am Woman’ is the sum of a musical roller coaster ride of love, heart-ache and girl power. It’s a mix of great music and humorous chat from three luscious ladies, Mari Wilson, Barb Jungr and Gwyneth Herbert, with ivory tinkling in accompaniment from Adrian York (with a touch of backing vocal). The girls are all accomplished singers in their own right, and we were not sure what a mix of three would bring together so we strapped ourselves in and got set for what turned out to be a fine evening of music and fun.

The show has some great songs including (and by no means comprehensive), “Venus”, “Under My Thumb”, “Jolene”, “More Than A Woman”, “I’m Every Woman” and “Young Hearts Run Free” and Minty’s guilty pleasure, Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been to Me”. All three girls looked great on stage, in heels, slinky dresses with lashes curled and red lippy on.

A bit of chat (the Girl Talk) in between songs, gave us plenty to chuckle at, and at one point Gwyneth revealed a secret which we won’t spoil by revealing here! Enough to say it was amazing and worked really well in one of the songs!

There was a cover of the B52’s song, “Give Me Back My Man” which had a line about giving the other woman fish and candy in return for her man, which in turn led to a rather humorous bit of banter between the girls about why anyone would want to swap fish for a man!!!

Gwyneth had a solo spot in the first half, and sat perched on the edge of the stage while singing a mournful song about “the other woman” which was actually quite uplifting towards the end as the other woman always ends up lonely. She has a very dusky, evocative voice which we liked a lot.

In the second set, it was Mari and then Barb’s turn in the spotlight each singing their chosen songs, accompanied by Adrian on piano and sang with such passion, emotion wrapping its arms around the audience until the last note faded. We have seen Mari on many occasions and know her great vocal range and ability to make every song she sings sound fab and tonight we were not disappointed.

Until tonight we had never seen Barb perform and we were impressed with the power in her voice. She sounded great.  Both had picked perfect songs for their voices.

It is amazing what sound Girl Talk can deliver, with just 3 vocalists (very fine vocalists at that) and a pianist. Even the acapella songs sounded very powerful, with not only vocals but a bit of the doowop style backing which gave an extra depth to the sounds resonating in our ears.

If Girl Talk comes to a town near you, get along and experience this fantastic show for yourself.

Brian with Adrian and the Girls

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