GIG: Jerry Sadowitz
DATE: Saturday 8th January 2011
VENUE: Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX
COST: £24 plus booking fee
RATING: F@c*ing C#£t Ar#s@*le Funny.

It’s always good when we go into London for a night out. We got to Leicester Square only to find the whole square has been blocked of with a high fence to prepare something for the Olympics next year. The tourists must have felt cheated at that!

Anyway, after a bit of a queue delay, waiting on the Richard Herring audience emptying the Leicester Square Theatre, we took our seats for Jerry Sadowitz.

Jerry is now actually banned from TV. No one will have him on because he is such a loose canon with his material.

Live isn’t much different. He’s guaranteed to offend everyone at some point of the night. And he succeeded! He came on stage with the peyos curls hanging from underneath his top hat, wearing a kilt with a wee sheep for a sporran and a false beard that wouldn’t stick to his chin. He then introduced himself as the Scottish Jewish poet, Rabbi Burns.

He started firing off abuse at all and sundry at machine gun speed, then got even faster. He does have a real anger and chip on his shoulder for all the comedians who make a fortune these days from DVD sales and TV appearances. Michael McIntyre and Jerry Seinfeld came in for particular vilification. His bile is justified though when you think about it. He made you feel guilty for ever having laughing at Michael McIntyre.

It wouldn’t be right to write up his jokes and one liners in case you go to see him, but one that cracked us up was his wish for Heather McCartney and Abu Hamza to get together and produce a pirate!

Gays, Muslims, Madeline McCann..the list for abuse was endless. But the thing is... He WAS very funny. You should go and see him if you get the chance. Just as long as you know you WILL be offended at some point.

Jerry’s first love is actually doing magic tricks, and he did a couple for us tonight. Not sure if it was because he got off to a late start tonight, but a few more bits of magic would have been great, because he is amazing at it.

Flyer from the Leicester Square Theatre

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