GIG: Los Pacaminos
DATE: Sunday 27th June 2010
VENUE: St Albans Festival, St Peter’s Street, St Albans, Herts
COST: free
RATING: A bit of a scorcher

The sun really was merciless as we experienced a bit of the Tex-Mexicana at the St Alban’s festival with Los Pacaminos, a 7-piece featuring Paul Young and many of members from his previous bands.
Their sound is pure Tex Mex, complete with lap steel guitar and accordion and a bit of formation dancing! Perfect for a scorching day for those who didn’t want to watch the football! Even though there was a big football match on as they were due to play, they did manage to pull in a sizable crowd for the occasion.
Pual Young (Top), Matt Backer (Bottom)

Kicking off with a song about a Highway Patrol Officer (complete with a screaming siren sound, (courtesy of the steel guitar), they blazed through an hour’s set which included classics like “Little Sister” and “Wooly Bully”, a song about Guacamole, another about Enchiladas and the odd bit of “Tequila”! The few songs of their own that they did sounded great too.

Although Paul Young is the most well-known member of the band, there are no egos here, with just about all of the guys taking the lead at some point, and band members wandering around finding any free mic to sing into. It was great to see six guys at the one time all singing along in harmony.
The band members are all seasoned session musicians, each of them with sizable and impressive CVs, but it was evident that they all really enjoy playing this music together. On guitar was Matt Backer, Mari Wilson’s guitarist who was standing in for the Pacaminos regular guitarist and he fitted in perfectly. Well he IS a genuine Southern gent after all.

A great set from a great band on a great day. What more could we ask for on the hottest day of the year?

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