Surfin’ Lungs and The Manges - GIG 2

GIG: Surfin’ Lungs and The Manges - GIG 2
DATE: January 25th 2008
VENUE: The Hobgoblin, London Rd, Brighton
COST: Free
Another great gig, another crap toilet

Billed as a “Surf Punk Beach Party,” Punkerbunker who organized this are one of life’s optimists. It was pouring with rain the whole day! Still, with brolly in hand we were determined to “beach-party” the night away anyway.

The Hobgoblin can be a scary place. It’s usually full of Goths. Yeah, they’re harmless enough, but it’s strange going into the gents and there’s a row of them fighting for the mirror to fix their eye liner.

There were 6 bands on tonight…yes, SIX. We were a bit late arriving and missed the first band, Those Damn Owls. The second band on the bill, The Griswalds were mid-way through their set when we reached the pub and escaped from the pouring rain. A run-of-the-mill 3 chord wonders, but harmless enough. You can tell they enjoy what they play.

Next up were The Cheeseburgers(?). The singer had a speech impediment and looked really nervous, tending to introduce the songs away from the microphone so we couldn’t catch what he said. Someone who knew him, described him as “intense.” The guitarist looked like he was playing a toy guitar he was so big! Best guitarist so far tonight (and even played a lap steel for a couple of songs), the songs were pretty good too and we did enjoy their set.

We had our heads pummeled enough by The Hotlines on Friday night, so that gave us a chance to crash out for a bit in the main bar and get our heads pummeled by the old Scottish glass collector instead. A character to say the least.

Technical problems delayed The Surfin’ Lungs’ start as Clive wrestled with a dodgy amp. They finally got started after a spare amp was found and as a result of the delay, played a slightly shortened set. The lay out of The Hobgoblin made this set feel a bit more intimate than the Dirty Water Club. I felt the band were more electric and up for it than on Friday. Maybe that’s what happens when you play regularly like this.

The Manges turned out as great a show as they did earlier in the weekend. They may have too much of the Ramones in them at times, but there’s no denying they know how to rock. The crowd surfer was brave, considering he fell through a “gap” and was dropped on his head! We’re glad The Manges came over from Italy. It was worth traveling to see them again.

So, another cool gig.
The venue is quite good for small gigs, as the back room is more than ample for the stage and a small crowd. The fact the gig was free, and we had the opportunity to see the Surfin’ Lungs again, compensated for the quite pricey beer prices in what would be considered a student pub (pennies change from 7 quid for 2 drinks!). Did we mention the toilets!

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  1. Minty! What were you doin' in the 'Gents'?!!!